History of Hope Lodge

The American Cancer Society has a long history of providing lifesaving programs and services and is committed to improving quality of life for patients and their families. Getting the right care sometimes means cancer patients must travel away from home, often to a cancer treatment facility in another city, which increases the emotional and financial burden during what is already a challenging time.

Hope Lodge Phoenix, Arizona

The American Cancer Society strives to make this difficult situation easier for cancer patients and their families through more than 30 Hope Lodges throughout the nation, which provide free, temporary housing for cancer patients who are undergoing treatment. But Hope Lodges are more than places to stay – they provide a nurturing homelike environment where patients get support from others going through the same experience. A cancer survivor’s recovery involves much more than medical treatments; it takes hope to heal. Hope Lodge offers the warmth and security of home in a setting where the love and encouragement of others enlighten and inspire guests. At Hope Lodge, guests rally around each other, building life-affirming connections and lifetime friendships.

Hope Lodge Nashville, TN - Guest Room
Hope Lodge Nashville, Tennesee

Hope Lodge is also a place to learn about cancer and how best to fight it. Guests have access to the American Cancer Society’s 24-hour toll-free National Cancer Information Center, website, and comprehensive on site libraries full of information. At Hope Lodge, cancer patients and their loved ones are armed with the vital information to help them make informed decisions.

Hope Lodge Gainsville, FL - Kitchen and Dining Room
Hope Lodge Gainsville, Florida

In addition to a comfortable and resourceful environment, Hope Lodge also provides convenient accommodations such as private rooms and bathrooms, with space for a family member or caregiver. Lodges provide kitchen facilities and spaces for gathering to read, watch television, or share encouragement. Transportation to nearby treatment also is provided through the Lodges.