Stories of Hope

Hope Lodge provides more than a place to stay during a patient’s cancer treatment, it provides hope for their future. Read more about how Hope Lodge Hawai‘i would have impacted these local patients during their cancer experiences.

Yisa Var -The Financial Impact of Cancer on her Young Life

Susan Oshiro-Taogoshi – The Grueling Daily Commute to O‘ahu

Gene Redden – O‘ahu Housing Costly for Neighbor Islanders Needing Treatment

Hope Lodge Hawai‘i will be one of more than 30 similar facilities nationwide. Watch how Hope Lodge shelters patients and caregivers nationwide:

“I believe that having a facility like Hope Lodge will enable more neithbor island residents to seek the specialty cancer care they deserve, that is available only on O‘ahu, so that the distance will no longer be a roadblock to the success of their overall health.”

Debbie, Hilo, cancer survivor


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