Susan Oshiro-Taogoshi

Susan Oshiro-TaogoshiThe Grueling Daily Commute to O‘ahu

“Mahalo for helping our neighbor island cancer survivors have a support base in Honolulu for their cancer treatment,” Susan Oshiro-Taogoshi, Harold Matsuura and Karen Shibuya expressed on behalf of their neighbor island friends and neighbors in support of Hope Lodge Hawai‘i.

It was by chance that Susan, Harold and Karen began to share a taxi. Karen and Susan were breast cancer survivors commuting daily from Kaua‘i, and Harold was a prostate cancer survivor from Hilo, Big Island.

For Susan and Karen, a radiation treatment facility was (and is still) not available on Kaua‘i. Harold’s Stage 3, Gleason Score 10, prostate cancer required the Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and the High Dose Radiation Therapy which are not available on the Big Island.

Throughout their treatment, they bonded as cancer survivors and created upbeat conversations among them and the taxi drivers during their round trips to and from the airport for their daily medical treatments.

Hotel rates and comfort influenced daily commutes from their homes to Honolulu. Unfortunately, current economic conditions have curtailed daily radiation treatment commutes to Honolulu for many of our impacted neighbor island cancer patients.

Mahalo for your support of Hope Lodge Hawai‘i.