Yisa Var

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Financial Impact of Cancer
on her Young Life

“Mahalo for the strong community support in creating Hope Lodge in Honolulu for our neighbor island cancer patients to stay during their treatment on O‘ahu,” Yisa Var expressed on behalf of her friends and neighbors in support of Hope Lodge Hawai‘i.

At the age of 31, Yisa Var’s dreams of being a famous actress and singer were put on pause when she was diagnosed with stage II invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer. Her diagnosis took more than a year because she was young, had no family history of breast cancer, and did not meet any of the risk factors.

The day after her initial diagnosis, Yisa went directly to the American Cancer Society in Hilo in search of answers and support. Like most people diagnosed with cancer, Yisa wanted to learn everything she could about her cancer. A Reach to Recovery® cancer survivor visited with her to give her support and information she needed to cope with her breast cancer. The American Cancer Society assisted Yisa with air transportation and lodging assistance for her ongoing specialized treatment on O‘ahu. With the information and support she received from the American Cancer Society, Yisa stays strong as she battles her third breast cancer diagnosis. “The first time I had breast cancer,” Yisa says, “I used up all my savings. When my cancer came back the second time, I went into debt. The third time my cancer came back, I lost my home. But I am alive and with my family, and that’s what matters.”

Mahalo for your support of Hope Lodge Hawai‘i.